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Kids will surely enjoy Nikki’s narration of Francesca. We had a great time recording with a pro like her as well as with the voice director and the engineers at Hit Productions Inc.

We pitched the idea to Nikki and her equally fabulous mom, Julie Gil, and we didn’t have to ask twice.  Our company values very much appealed to her – she loves reading and is a firm believer of starting kids early on books.  It was fantastic to find out that she graduated with an English Literature degree from Ateneo de Manila and that she is an ambassador of the Inquirer’s Read-Along Program and a World Vision Ambassador for the Youth.  How serendipitous!

Recording in a professional studio was exciting (though I could only join remotely). We marveled at the talent of the people we worked with.  I, being the author of the book, already had the tone of the narration in my mind , but I cannot easily express it.  I could, however, explain it and during the prep session, Sharon, the director, gets it right away, and when she uttered them, the words I wrote became animated!  Then, during the actual recording session, Nikki only had to be given a few instructions and she does each line spot on in a take or two!  We were quite amazed listening to her, her sweet voice so felicitous for Francesca.

Truly honored to be a part of this teaching tool that will help kids learn both Filipino and English in a fun and interactive way. -Nikki